❖ Our Suppliers

Cad Egypt proudly cooperate with many special companies to present our customers the best solution

You Ji Machine Industrial Company

Explore precision CNC machines by You Ji, a global leader in manufacturing excellence. Elevate your machining capabilities with cutting-edge technology.

Jar Hon Machinery Co., LTD

Discover efficiency in manufacturing with Jar Hon Machinery. High-quality CNC machines designed to enhance productivity and deliver precision results


HUST CNC Automation inc,
The pursuit of excellence and win-win strategies for ultimate perfection is the business philosophy.
The company insists in attaining maximum customer satisfaction and raising the technical level of automation for the machinery industry as its top guideline.



We are the professional CNC machine tool company that specialized in manufacturing tooling systems of machine tools and marketing our products by brand "RBH" & "ACmaxin" in domestic & overseas markets.


Cosen Saw Co., LTD

Cosen Saw, a global leader in automatic band saws, offers cutting-edge solutions for diverse industries. Elevate your cutting processes with innovation

Top-CNC Co., LTD

Unlock optimal CNC performance with Top-CNC's reliable control and servo motors. Trusted solutions for precision engineering and advanced manufacturing

Hann Kuen Machinery & Hardware Co., LTD

Optimize machining processes with Hann Kuen Machinery & Hardware. Innovative CNC solutions designed to boost efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing.


CSM Machines

Attributed to our exclusive designs, CSM machines are significantly more compact and consolidated than other manufacturers.